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How to file a Claim?

It only takes 3-5 minutes to file a claim.  Fill the form below and we will contact you. All that’s needed is the approximate date of the incident and basic details of what happened. This simply starts the process and we’ll contact you if more information is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Claims

Try to have this information handy when you file:

  • Date and time of incident
  • Vehicles involved
  • Description of the incident
  • Description of damages
  • Location of incident

 Yes, you can quickly and easily capture images of your vehicle’s damage with a mobile phone. Use the form below to upload photos and other documents.

 an accident causes so much damage to your vehicle that it can’t be repaired, it may be a total loss. We’ll guide you through the claim process and help you with any questions you may have.

We will remove hail dents or other types of damage from a vehicle’s exterior surface panels without disturbing the finish.

Here's what will happen

Tell us what happened

Let us know the detail of the accident by filling out the form above.

We’ll check it out

We'll review the report and contact you if any more information is needed.

Get an estimate

We will contact the Insurance to get an appraisal of the damages.

The road is calling!

Once approved by insurance, We will begin repairs to have you ready for the road!

Free 24 hour towing to any of our locations*